Get #unWashed

All unWashed Simply Sustainable Soaps are proudly made in Galt, Ontario. Our journey with cosmetic forumulation, like so many others, began with skin sensitivities and a desire for products that do not leave our planet a worse place for future generations. After becoming frustrated with the lack of options available we decided to start making our own. Some time later, after frequent feedback and prodding from friends and family, we decided to share our creations with the world - and hopefully help to make it a little bit of a better place at the same time!

Why choose #unWashed


We source only the most sustainable, bio-degradable and fair-trade raw ingredients and packaging. We craft all of our formulations focussing on high quality with the lowest carbon footprint and the least impact on our environment.


We do our research so that you don't have to. We strive to procure only fair-trade raw materials from conflict-free areas and which have not been tested on animals. All of our products are Vegan and most are Palm-free.


All of our products are Phthalate, Paraben, and Petroleum free. We package all of our products in paper,paperboard or glass. We recognize our duty to our planet: we donate 2% our net profits directly to environmental charities and cleanup efforts.